Clear Stamps for Scrapbooking Set 3 - Calendar

Carolina Ghelfi
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You can already buy the stamp set from our BujoScrap Kit #3 "Calendar" on its own!


The amazing clear stamp system that allows you to boost your creativity, decorate your BujoScrap, personalize hand-made cards and make your scrapbooking Looks unique!!

The pack includes the stamps, a transparent envelope without acid and without PVC, a card to use as a divider and two cut-out cards. Nothing should be wasted in our packaging!

How does it work?

Each set of molds includes many different stamps, inside a theme or collection, applied on a perforated polypropylene sheet, so that it can be inserted into a normal binder!

Not only that, the attached card can be cut (follow the instructions on the back) to get two collectible cards and drilled to be used as a divider in the binder where you will put all our molds.

The polypropylene bag is perfect for storing your memories, photographs and notes: as it won't affect the pH of your papers because it is acid-free and PVC-free!

  • Apply your stamp on the ACRYLIC BLOCK by Carolina Ghelfi Arts & Crafts and unleash your imagination
  • This stamp set is also found inside ours KIT DI BUJOSCRAP N.3. Take a look before buying only the stamp sets ;)