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Chameleon Art Products - Kidz Spray Station Kit

Recommended for ages 6+, Chameleon Kidz Spray Station markers allow you to colour, blend, spray and stencil.

Put two blendy pens in the mixing chamber and twist to make amazing colour blends. Make 2, 3, 4 or more colour blends - you can't do that with ordinary pens! With the new mouth operated airbrush, you can turn all your blendy pens into airbrushes to make amazing airbrush art.

The large mixing chambers and new ink formulation allow for easy blending and colouring, and the newly designed nibs allow for better ink flow and easier airbrushing. Just insert a marker into the airbrush and gently blow to create amazing effects.

Plus, you can use the pens with the magic reveal posters to reveal patterns, textures and hidden surprises as you colour.



  • 20 Markers
  • 10 Mixing Chambers
  • 1 Airbrush
  • 10 Stencils
  • 10 Chameleon Papers
  • 1 Built-In Spray Station
  • Instructions